What is a Mackeeper?

mackeeper reviewThe MacKeeper for Mac feature is comprised by 16 tools for security, optimization and cleanup of the Mac OS. One of the features of Mackeeper is the duplicates finder. The duplicates finder does, it finds the clone files, also MacKeeper allows you delete them all with 1 click. Another feature is the disk usage. The disk usage visualizes folders and files in a way that displays how much space they consume on your hard drive. Also in the Mackeeper you will also have a wise uninstaller, you can filter through application folders, widgets, preference panes, and plug-ins.

One of the great features of Mackeeper is the Anti-Theft service. Mackeeper’s anti-theft service can help find a lost or stolen computer by making an iSight photo snapshot of the user, generating a detailed report of the IP location of the stolen computer and contacting the owner the moment it is detected. This report can be given to law enforcement and can assist in the recovery of a stolen computer. There is also a customer service support feature in Mackeeper. Mackeeper have 24/7 support center running, so that you can make the most of your Mackeeper reviews. To avail of this service, you need to have Mackeeper installed and have a Mackeeper account. All of Mackeeper’s functions have clear video instructions and you shouldn’t have any problems understanding the workings of the same.

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